A Lalalovely Guide to Paris

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Ahhhh Paris, city of art, books, chocolate, wine, bread, eclairs and all things good. Paris is my favourite city in the world in case it wasn't grossly obvious. It's just soooo....everything. 
Where to Stay Airbnb! As usual, I opted for an Airbnb to have as authentic an experience as possible. Can I just say I loved my airbnb? It was so Parisian. Located in the heart of the Marais, the tiny flat had two balconies with a breath taking view. You can find the actual listing by clicking here. Our host was such a laid back, sweet young woman.

Where to EatFood is Paris is sooooo good. My favourite patisserie and cafe is Choux Odette. Can't you just picture yourself sitting out front there at those tables enjoying the most heavenly dessert you've ever tasted? You can also take a box of choux pastries to go. My husband and I did this more times than I care to admit. If you're heading out for breakfast you'll want to visit Cafe De Flore. We kept it simple, ordering toast, jam and coffee. In true Parisian fashion, although it was cold that day, we sat outside and people-watched while sipping our coffee.

For the person with the sweet tooth, a visit to Fou de Patisserie is a must. A cute little shop selling pastries from the best patisseries in Paris. 

The best cheesecake I've had in my life!

La Cafeotheque is a really cool cafe to sit and relax for a while after a busy day of sight seeing. They serve amazing hot chocolate and have free wifi (bonus).

Latte and Empanadas from La Cafeotheque

Things to DoThere is so much to see and do in Paris that it can be difficult to decide on an itinerary. I try and do different things every time I go but there are some things that should be on every Paris trip checklist. Every trip to Paris should include a picnic by the eiffel tower. On our last trip we did this almost every day. At around 8 we would get to the grocery store buy a baguette, cheese and champagne then head to the nearest patisserie to pic up some treats after which we'd take our haul to the Champ de Mars in time to set up and watch the tower lights turn on a 9. It was so simple and so magical and I don't care how touristy or cliched it sounds, it was perfect. 

For the art lovers I recommend visiting Monet's stunning waterlily murals at L'Orangerie. Seeing that much beauty is nothing short of therapeutic. We had visited the inspiration for these murals at Monet's gardens in Giverny the day before which made this experience even more wonderful.
The breathtaking Waterlily murals

How to Get Around 
You can take a taxi but we opted to travel by Metro. Paris transit is a quick and effective way to get around. When we landed, we bought our multi day pass right at the train station at the airport. You can check out prices by clicking here. You have various options regarding days and zones. You'll only need the extended zones if you're planning to visit Versailles or Disneyland Paris. Note that zones 1-5 will also cover transport to and from the airport.Instagrammable SpotsIf you love taking pics of adorable houses make sure you head to Rue Cremieux. It is a bit out of the way from the centre where most people spend their time, but it is worth the hike. It's just so pretty. Those doors! Those colours! Those potted plants! 
One of the oh-so-pretty houses on Rue Cremieux. I'm moving in!

I also love Tuileries garden. If I lived in Paris I would spend all weekend, every weekend reading there.

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