A Lalalovely Guide to Iceland


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I fell in love with Iceland. It has always been on my bucket list and so I decided to celebrate turning 30 (cries) by dragging my family along for a visit. "It's my birthday gift to me. I'm so happy!" Iceland is otherworldly. I can't accurately describe how it felt to be there. It's kind of like if you went to the moon or an actual other inhabitable planet, it's completely magical. I felt so refreshed after visiting. Maybe it was that somedays we were completely alone in the wilderness or maybe it was just all those negative ions.Where to Stay Airbnb! I would suggest finding one based out of Reykjavik which is pretty central for most day trips. We chose to spend a night at one Airbnb just outside of Snaefellsnes National Park. It was an actual 5 minute drive from the park. Airbnbs fill up fast though, so book far in advance so you get a good price.Where to EatOkay, here comes the not-so-good news. Food in Iceland is really pricey. Expect to pay about 10-12 dollars for a coffee, if you can even find a coffee shop that is open. Our only frustration during this trip was that it was near impossible to find somewhere to eat. At times we would look up places before heading out only to find them inexplicably closed when we arrived. Don't sweat it though, it in no way detracts from the overall experience of visiting Iceland. Just be prepared. I suggest stocking up on groceries, eating a good breakfast before heading out every day and packing some snacks for the road.

Things to DoGo hiking! I strongly recommend the Hike from Arnarstapi to Hellnar. The hike takes you from one town to the next along the coast. Make sure you go to Pingvellir National Park. It is absolutely incredible! The park sits at the point of two separated tectonic plates so it is littered with crevasses. Possibly my favourite waterfall in Iceland is also found here. It's called Oxararfoss and is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

How to Get Around In Iceland you'll have to rent an SUV. Sorry, no way around it.  While there are excellent tour companies in the country, you will want to be free to explore the country at your own leisure. An SUV is best in order to navigate tough areas. We tried to be economical and rented a car maybe best-suited for two people but hey, we made it work and grew surprisingly attached to our beloved Jimny. Instagrammable SpotsWhen you're in Iceland, you've left earth. Getting amazing pictures is hard though because the weather is so temperamental. You'll probably get some moody, gloomy shots and if that's your aesthetic, that's perfect! Otherwise, you might get a tad frustrated. Also, at most waterfalls it is near impossible to keep your camera dry, so be prepared with cloths to dry them and maybe stick them under your jacket when not in use to protect them as best as you can.
The Fish Stairs at Faxi

Life goal to learn to pronounce Eyjafjallajokull accomplished

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