A Lalalovely Guide to Venice

The Short of It...
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The Long of it...I posted my first pic of Venice back in 2014 to which someone responded "you are living my dream". This dream isn't far out of reach for many of us.  A large reason why I started this blog is so people would realize that there are ways to get to your dream destinations without blowing your life savings. I'm not rich. I'm just going to make that clear right now. I'll share some tips below for cutting costs. So read on and hopefully it inspires you to take that dream trip to Venice! 
Where to Stay Hotels are usually a no for me just because I find most of them, while gorgeous are out of my budget. I use mostly use Airbnb when I travel and I've had nothing but wonderful experiences. I used Venice housing management both times and I went, staying in beautiful suites in Cannaregio.I like staying with them becasue they are so laid back. It's easy to book with them and they meet you at the place to get you all set up. They also have a hub in Venice you can visit and they'll assist with any questions and provide you with maps. 
Where to EatIf you love pasta and pizza, like I do, Venice is heaven. There are also so many places to get delicious pastries. In Venice, Maitre D's will wait outside and try to lure you in. I realize some may not like this but be kind and respectful, remember their livelihood relies on the money they make during a few short months when tourist season is high.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 My advice for not paying too much, eat away from the main tourist centres. I ate at a place that even charged extra for cutlery. But read the menus before going in, some tourist menus are actually a really great deal. I had a three course meal with wine for 15 Euros per person.The best croissants I've ever had were not from Paris, they were from Time Social Bar. I went there for cappuccinos and a croissant every morning.If you're craving some yummy juice, make sure you true Frulala. On a hot day it can be especially refreshing!

Things to Do
Go for a Gondola ride. The first time I visited we went for a gondola ride. It cost 100 Euros for 45 minutes. It was my one indulgence that trip. I'm pretty sure it depends what gondolier you get so shop around? I really liked it, you get to see nooks you wouldn't otherwise see.

Take a romantic stroll at sunset on the per San Marco.Go to see the interior of beautiful churches. While Saint Mark's is the most popular, there are many small chapels scattered about the island and there are no lineups!
How to Get Around Walk. Pack some really comfortable shoes because you'll spend hours upon hours walking. Venice isn't very big so you could see the whole island on foot.There are water taxis with stops along the grand canal.If you're feeling fancy, you can also book a boat limo to take you to and from the airport on the mainland. If not, there are buses that will take you from the bus station on the island to the airport. 
Instagrammable Spots
Point and click. Venice is so beautiful you'll find it hard to believe it's real. It's even more beautiful in real life than it is in pictures. There are many great spots but one of my favourites is the Ponte Dell'Accademia. I love this spot! There's also live music from talented musicians on the bridge so it is the stuff of dreams!

If you want pictures from the Rialto go early in the morning. I went out at 6 every morning and was completely alone on the bridge. If you go out later, you'll still get great shots but you might have to wait for a gets CROWDED.

Per San Marco is also beautiful for pictures of the lagoon. I really enjoy just sitting around here for a while in the evenings. They light up a few of the buildings around the area so it is absolutely magical!

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