A Lalalovely Guide to London

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The Long of it...Once upon a time I had no interest in going to London. I think I once specifically said the last place I would ever go to is London. It is now my favourite city. Ask my husband how many times I (fake) cry when I scroll through instagram and see someone posted a London pic. They are the tears of longing. I am so in love with London it's just stupid.Where to Stay We stayed near St. Pancras. It was incredibly affordable and was quite literally across the street from the Kings Cross tube station. London can get pricey and I like travelling on the cheap. The hotel where I stayed wasn't fancy, but it was clean, quiet and in a very convenient location.You can also check out some great Airbnbs. If you book early enough you can get some great deals! I've seen some gorgeous ones available in Chelsea.
Where to EatLondon is a foodie's paradise.  
I ate the best Tiramisu of my life at a restaurant called Cafe Caldesi. Unfortunately, I went at night, so the lighting was not very good for the pictures, so you'll have to take my word for it! I also really liked the Monocle cafe. It introduced me to the Cardamom Bun. So delicious. I'm still trying to find a really good Cardamom Bun in Toronto (so message if you know of one). 
Things to DoHave a picnic in St. James Park. It is heavenly. We went in May and the gardens were in full bloom. I recommend you pack a picnic basket and enjoy a relaxing afternoon.

Visit the British Museum. You history buffs will really enjoy it. Entry is 16.50 pounds.Take a romantic stroll on the South Bank. 
Take a ride on the London Eye. We didn't have a lot of time in London so we didn't want to wait in line at the London Eye. We splurged and bought the beat the line tickets. We were up in about 5 minutes. I know it's incredibly touristy but it offers a great view of Thames and parliament and I was a tourist so...How to Get Around The tube. That's all you'll need. Weekly travel passes for Zone 1 and 2 (which is all you'll need for central London) is 32.10 pounds. Getting around London was so easy. Staying near Kings Cross meant we got anywhere we needed to go in 30 minutes or less. We didn't need to use the taxis at all. We took a taxi once, just for the fun of it.  I've had friends tell me they don't take the tube when they travel to big cities because they're scared of getting lost. If this is you, don't be scared, I noticed that London underground employees were incredibly helpful. So try the tube, before long you'll notice you're hopping on and off like a true Londoner.
Instagrammable SpotsHonestly, London and Instagram belong together. Every London neighbourhood has its own unique style and flavour and they are all so great. My personal favourites were Notting Hill, Marylebone and South Kensington.In Notting Hill, you'll get the gorgeous pastel coloured houses. South Kensington and Chelsea will give you those white houses draped with Wisteria. Marylebone gets you shots of some very cute shops. A post on pretty London Houses is forthcoming. Some shops that are insta-worthy are Peggy Porschen's Cakes, Monocle Cafe and the oh-so-adorable Biscuiteers. Yes, there will probably be a post just for London shops and cafes too. 
A Day Trip to Bath

We decided on a day trip to see Bath and Stonehenge. We went with Day Tours London for 59 per person. I booked online after reading some really good reviews and found it really quick and easy to book.

Stonehenge is worth seeing, especially if you're only planning on visiting England once. There's thousands of years of history there and it is a UNESCO world heritage site. It's amazing to marvel at its construction in person. So go, just go.

Bath was a very pretty town. Mostly, I wanted to see it due to a lifetime of hearing about it in Austen novels. We met up with our tour group at Gloucester Road tube station. We left at about 8:00 in the morning and were home by 6:00pm with plenty of time to take an evening walk and see more of London. The stop in Bath was about 3 hours and personally, that was enough time for me. We were able to see the circle, walk down the main strip, check out some shops and take a tour of the Roman Baths. 

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  1. I'm gonna be going back to London in June but a friend of mine is seeing it for the first time so I will definitely have to use your guide, Chris. Also coincidentally I am renting a loft across from King's Cross. 😊 This is wonderful. THANKS.